stanislas kalimerov

Reviews and Press book available.
Photographs in French, Belgian, Luxemburg and Portuguese collections

Exhibition "The Portuguese look", Portuguese Consulate in Paris

Retrospective exhibition, in Paris KCIF

Presentation of "Family Portraits" Diptychs Photography / Painting with Nathalie Rothkoff.
Gallery Nobilis. Paris
Vidéo'Appart 2010, presentation of the video, "The Complex of Cauchy"
Café au lit galery. Paris

"The Complex Cauchy" Month of Photography, photographs and video, City Hall Sceaux
Presentation of "Family Portrait" diptychs photography / painting. Stanislas Kalimerov, Nathalie Rothkoff, 14 rue Littre, Paris.
Festival « Nuit des Arts et du Monde »
Festival « Berinak/Les Vitrines »,
Saint-Pée sur Nivelle, Pays Basque.
Photographs for the book 25 years anniversary of the Alpha Group
Creation of the poster for the theatrical performance of Claire Ruppli "La Pleurante des rues de Prague"
for the festival of Avignon


Exhibition « Visage-Dévisager », «21e Rencontres photographiques de Solignac".
Photographic installation within the framework of “Gardens in Music”, Spiritual Center of Hautmont.
Exhibition collective « Amicalement Vôtre ».Galerie Defrost, Paris.

Look into the other photographs for French Red Cross.
Exhibition « L’Autre Emoi2 », photographs and video. Galerie Defrost, Paris.
Conference for addict, European Hospital Georges Pompidou and
development of photograph series in collaboration of APHP (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris).
Trip to Brazil.

Retrospective Exhibition, Galerie Olga, Limoges.
Publish book “Frères”, text by Sylvie Germain and a Louis Mesplé preface, editions Huitième Jour.
End of series portraits for DGAC (Direction de l’Aviation Civile).

Series “ L’Autre Emoi 2”, color photographs.
Works and research for outlook of circus world.
Trip to Southeast Asia: Laos, Camboudge and Vietnam with Cultures France.
Voyage to the Sicilian Volcanoes: Stromboli, Vesuve, Etna.

Bespoke production of 200 photographs for Vince Headquarters.
Series of protraits for the DGAC magazine, (Direction de l’Aviation Civile), bimonthly.
Series for Cofiroute Highways.
Trip to Sri Lanka.

Series about the Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece, Vinci Construction Grands Projets.
Conception of a video "Fogata", texts by Roxana Paes and music by Gerka Alda,
presented at the Latin American Center, Paris.

Start of serie Photo-therapy, private collectors.
Photographic series about the construction of the Naga Hamani Dam in Egypt,
Vinci Construction Grands Projets.

Exhibition "L'Autre Émoi" (Commotion), portraits of patients-staff, retro-slide installation with a voice soundtrack, realised to the EPSM (Etablissement Public de Santé Mentale), Atrium of Euralille, Lille.
Exhibition "De Faces" (Face to Face, Benedictine Monks), the tea-rooms of the Pâtisserie Méert.

Exhibition "La Dernière Scène, un Regard Portugais" (The Last Scene, a Portuguese Gaze),
La Serrurerie, in Poitiers.
Exhibition " Routes mystiques " Israël, Palestine et Egypte, Galerie Frontières, in Lille.
Exhibition "De Faces" (Face to Face, Benedictine Monks)
2nd série "Frères"


Voyage to Afrique : Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina-Faso.
1st voyage to Israël.
2nd voyage to New-York.


Photographic series for the Sonepar Group, Interactive CD Rom,
distributed in France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Canada.

1st Series for the monks.
1st voyage à New-York.
Exhibition "Le pont Vasco de Gama" (The Vasco de Gama Bridge).
Expo Mondiale 98 in Lisbon, French Pavillon
Exhibition"Le pont Vasco de Gama" (The Vasco de Gama Bridge),
Orangerie du Thabor, in Rennes.
Exhibition"Le pont Vasco de Gama" (The Vasco de Gama Bridge),
Gallery Polaris, in Brussels.
Exhibition "Le pont Vasco de Gama" (The Vasco de Gama Bridge),
French Bookstore, in Lisbon.
Exhibition "Le pont Vasco de Gama" (The Vasco de Gama Bridge),
Gulbenkian Foundation, in Paris.
Publication of the book "Images d'une traversée, le pont Vasco de Gama"
(Images of a crossing, the Vasco de Gama bridge) composed of 150 photographs,
with a preface by Mario Soares and texts by Nuno Judice, the Cherche Midi Publishing House.


Artistic commission for Campenon-Bernard of the Vivendi group,(Vasco de Gama bridge).


Exhibition "Les enfants en Algérie " (Children in Algeria),
the Portuguese Presidential Palace, in Lisbon (Belém),


Exhibition "La Dernière Scène, un Regard Portugais", (The Last Scene, a Portguese Gaze), within the framework of the encounters series "Balcon sur l'Atlantique.", Corderie Royale in Rochefort-sur-Mer.
1st séjour at l’abbaye de Ligugé chez les bénédictins.

“Convento dos inglesinhos" in Lisbon
(Exhibition at the 16th-century Benedictine convent),
Publication of a catalogue of photographs, with texts by Al Berto, a previously unpublished letter by Fernando Pesoa, and a preface by Eduardo Prado Coelho. A video retraces the course of the installation and its various hangings in different exhibition spaces.

1995 à 1991
Sojourns in Portugal seeking new inspiration.
Photographs for "ELLE" Portugal and
Artistic Director at TBWA PUBLICITY. Portugal.
Fashion pictures for ELLE Portugal, Figaro Maison, Maxima.

Art Director of the review "Reflex, a magazine of the contemporary image," with a European bent.
Member of the jury for the International Kodak Photography Prize, in Arles.
Member of the jury for the International Prize of Fashion Photography of Trouville.


Producer of a series of programs about the creative personality "what do I know?",
Sygma TV for Canal +.
Group exhibition "La photographie de mode et les saisons."
(Fashion Photography and Seasons) at the Fine Art School of Paris

Art Director and photographer for fashion catalogues. Peter Gadge, IDC (glasses).
Photographic series
for "IL magazine," "Globe," "Création magazine," "Dépêche Mode," "Vogue," "Perfect," "Maisons et Jardins," "Phénomènes," and "ELLE."
Portraits for stars
: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chantal Thomas, Etienne Daho,  Jack Nicholson, Anne Brochet, Francis Huster, Sophie Marceau, Bernard Giraudeau, Jessica Lange …